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6 Tricks For Defined Abs

Getting the abs you desire isn’t just down to doing a high volume of sit ups each week.

Many people believe that the best way to get defined abs is to do as many sit ups as they can possibly manage. This is where they are wrong, training the abdominals to their maximum is obviously vital, however there are a number of ways to help produce the results you want.

6 – Vary your repetition speed

Many people do their repetitions at exactly the same speed throughout their workout, whereas studies have proved that by altering the speed from slow and disciplined reps into quick and powerful will help boost the activity of the muscles

5 – Overtraining

A lot of people believe the best way to get abs is by training them every single day of the week, this is wrong. They are the same as any other muscle and require rest in order to repair and grow. I wouldn’t recommend training abs more than three times a week.

4 – Breathing

This may sound obvious but whilst you are executing your ab workouts, don’t forget to breath correctly. By this I mean exhale when you reach the finish of each repetition. This helps with the contraction of the abdominal muscles.

3 – Add weight to your workout

Abdominals are just like any other muscle and require weighted workouts in order to show definition. Don’t be afraid to add weights to your exercises and reduce the repetitions.

2 – Cardiovascular exercise

One of the best ways to get defined abs is by regularly doing cardiovascular exercise. I have found the best results come when doing high intensity interval training. This has been proven to be extremely successful as studies have shown that due to the explosive nature of the exercise, you will burn more fat during the workout as well as up to 24 hours after.

1 – Diet

The key to getting the abs you are after is by avoiding fat storing foods such as carbohydrates. If you can have a low carb diet then this will help you get the results you want. Cut out the white bread and potatoes and swap it for whole grain bread and sweet potatoes.


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