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5 Top Tips To Reach Your Fitness Goals

There are many things you need to do correctly in order to reach your fitness goals. Below I have summarised five things to consider you perhaps may not have thought about.

1 – A healthy diet

As the saying goes ‘no good workout session will beat a bad diet’, whether your aim is to improve your general fitness, build muscle mass or lose weight always ensure that your diet is giving you the best chance of reaching your goal. Always take on the nutrients your body needs to keep your body healthy and give you the upmost energy for your workouts.

2 – Rest your body

Many people overtrain thinking that it will make them reach their goals quicker. You must ensure that you rest regularly, your body needs to rest in order to recover from the physical strain you have placed on it. Failure to rest can result in injury and fatigue which will put you behind your targets. Listen to your body, if it tells you that you are tired then rest!

3 – Form

Your form when doing an exercise is vital. By form I mean the technique used in completing an exercise. Research how best to do an exercise if you are unsure as incorrect form can cause serious injury and it will not work the intended muscle group efficiently. Perfect form increases your results!

4 – Water

Drinking water before, during and after a workout is an absolute must. Good hydration means that your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood around the body, therefore nutrients and oxygen can be pumped to your muscles easier. Exercise is easier when you are well hydrated, why make it harder for yourself?!

5 – Stretching

Forgetting to stretch both before and after exercise is a common mistake. Remembering to stretch thoroughly has many benefits; it can reduce the risk of injury as your muscles are not pushed straight into exercise. It also helps to reduce muscle stiffness after an exercise as it increases blood and nutrient supply to your muscles. Stretching can even help to reduce mental stress as it can calm your mind and allow your body to recharge.

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